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20 Years Focus on electromagnetic sucker, permanent magnet sucker production and research and development     

Professional 20 years

Leading enterprise strength

The company has 20 years of production experience

With advanced production equipment and superb manufacturing process

Professional technical backbone

Leading industry information

Dazhou Advanced technology, many honors

Professional technical backbone

Dazhou Sucker product quality and product indicators in the leading domestic advantages

Leading suction advantage

Dazhou Sucker suction force super

Magnetic distribution is uniform and adjustable

Applicable to metallurgy, casting, scrap, machinery, transportation and other industries such as iron and steel transportation

Leading performance advantage

Dazhou Suction cup can be used continuously for 24 hours, there will not be any failure, but also with power protection

Leading after-sales service advantages

The technical service team is uninterrupted throughout the year

24-hour after-sales hotline service

You only need a phone call that promises customer response services

Dazhou Machinery Is Different

The comopany workshop is spacious and brightness.There is superior equipment and grand technical force in our workshop building. We mainly produce lifting electromagnet, electromagnet, permanent magnetic iron eliminator, cable reel, rectifier controller, high-gradient magnetic separator, electromagnetic stirrer, metallurgical machinery for many typt. Our products have been widly used in the industries about metallurgy, machine, electricforce, traffic, mine, chemical industry, concrete.,moving off over twenty province, city and municipality,and making distribution abroad.


Wuxi DaZhou Electromagnetism Co.,Ltd is a new high-tech company which makes scientific research.,exploitation,manufacture incorporated.

The company is paying attention to the innovation and development, regarding scenice and technology personnel., making great affert in enhancing the ability of scenice and technology research. Our company have developed lifting electromagnet for high temperature form, electromagnetic stirrer, high-gradient magnetic separator and some other products.

Linkman:Mr. Zhou 0510-88266516 13357912602

Linkman:Mr.Yang 0510-88266088 13357912608


Address:Fengwei road ,Dongtin cangxia Industry garden,Wuxi

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